Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lesbian porn and conservative males who watch it....

I have to say at first I was a bit baffled on how to approach this post, mainly because it was picked by popular demand on a poll which was started on my facebook wall titled "What should I write about next?" Anyway, a had more than 5 people request I write about this topic originally proposed by Michelle B, so if you have any complaints about any of this post or what it's about, direct them to her... thats M-I-C-H-E-L-L-E B.

Anyway, when it comes to porn; I'm a fan. NOT to say that alternatives to real sex are better, but lets face it, if we were to have sex whenever we wanted, then the porn industry would be more for educational purpose than recreational. Generally, I don't keep a database of porn on my computer simply because thats incredibly incriminating and slightly embarrassing if your friends / baby cousin open up a folder named XXX DO NOT OPEN ME (that or you'd have to be really dumb to name your porn folder that, although a friend of mine did name his Rugrat Videos and you can imagine what his little sister thought when she was clicking on it...) Instead, I tend to keep my pornography in cyberspace. Either on an online database, or simply streaming it free of a couple sites that I tend to visit. I have never bought any porn in my life, however, even though I torrented it, I feel like buying the Pirates porn would have been a worthy investment.

Now that I've all shared with you where I keep my "stash," which is semi-irrelevant to the topic at hand; I say this because I honestly didn't have much of a collection of pornography where it was just lesbian interaction. I'm not sure why, but I always felt like it was boring with out one of them getting drilled. So, as a enthusiastic blogger, I felt it was my duty to do some research into the subject. Although it was a bit awkward having to explain what I was doing to a security guard while I was in the library viewing the material, I somehow was able to get off with only a warning. Anyway, thats another story for another time...what is important is that I was able to watch about 10 hours of lesbian porn footage since undergoing this post, and I have to say I'm very impressed with the results.

For starters, why is lesbian porn good? Well, for anyone wondering why guys ogle 2+ women doing sexual things together is because there's 2 of everything. Are two pair of breasts better than 1? If you don't think YES then you're probably batting for the other team (not that there is anything wrong with that) But any straight male can find some appreciation for the multiple naked female bodies.
"there is nothing greater than the love that exists between two naked women...... while I watch" - Mark; Blink 182: The Mark, Tom and Travis Show
Yes thats right, but why? For started Men are incredibly visual and judge attractiveness instinctively by physical looks first. So doubling up on our initial instincts for the opposite sex is just what the doctor ordered for a good time. Not to that isn't the same for women, its just men are more-so wired that way.

On to the subject at hand! Lesbian porn has a lot of great things to bring to the table, for starters women know their bodies WAY better than men could ever, so they know exactly what to do down there. And let me tell you guys, if you think you know what your doing, go watch 10 hours of lesbian porn and then come back to me and say: "oh yea I knew everything that was there to know." Or if you've already done your homework; cheers to you Vagina Service Expert, you'll make the next Budweiser Men of Genius add.

Another thing is lesbian porn tends to be non-violent. Even the hardcore parts where two chicks gang up on 1 or S&M the intensity of "hardcore", on average, never seemed to reach above a 7/10 (based of a scale that I just made up! O.o) Regardless, I hope you get my point, they're much nicer to their bodies than the porn I watch with men where they're sole purpose is to pretend their penis is a jackhammer and a vagina is a gopher hole.

Yet another observation is lesbian porn tends to have about 10x more orgasms than heterosexual porn. Honestly didn't realize how many times a female could orgasm consecutively without a break, I knew it was more but still. I remember watching this porn where both females involved were able to orgasm 25x in a 2 hour period. First off let me say "UNFAIR!" Male reload time, even at early ages, is at least 5 min, and we have a preset amount of bullets. 25 times in 2 hours?! Its true, they were very satisfied ladies.

Also the "storyline" that lesbian pornos have tend to be WAY better than heterosexual porn. Its generally not tacky and almost 1/2 way realistic, or perhaps thats the other part of me wishing all females were secretly gay, at least a little bit. Regardless normally I would fast forward to the actual fucking in my usual porn videos, but having watched the whole episodes of lesbian porn I have to say bravo to the writers and actresses alike.

All in all, I have to say this was a fun project. I was able to get some stats and although heterosexual porn and group sex is more popular to watch, lesbian porn comes in as a close 3rd as most sold type of porn in the industry. So keep it up ladies! I'll be keeping an eye out for any superstars at the next AVN awards.